Giles Gilbert's Honda S2000. AEM EMS, J&S SafeGuard.

Here's his email description:

Hi John,
I got a chance to calibrate the safeguard today using my headphones. It appears that my base timing had some knock spots in it so I used those to help calibrate the safeguard correctly. Here are screen grabs of the results. The AEMLog.jpg shows the RPM at the top, the safeguard monitor output in the middle and the raw knock sensor and knock volts as described before. The area of audible (with headphones) knock is around 7500 – clearly evident with the safeguard. The BaseTiming.jpg is a dyno plot with the safeguard enabled, solid lines, and safeguard disabled. The unit is in 10 degree mode, single cylinder mode. You can see it doing it’s thing around 7500 rpm.

I then advanced the entire timing by 2 degrees and repeated the pull. The result is in the advanced timing .jpg. As you can see power is to be gained in some spots, but maintains the same in others where the safeguard is taking control.

Using the information gained today I will attempt to configure the AEM noise map for knock control and dyno with that, although I don’t expect good results with that.

Let me know of any tests that you would like me to perform for you.

I’ve very happy! I wonder if a 5 degree max, 0.5 degree retard setting might be a good option?

Thanks again!